Damflask Rowing Centre

DamFlask Rowing Centre

DamFlask Rowing Centre

Damflask Reservoir is situated in the western outskirts of Sheffield within the boundaries of the Peak District National Park, and is a haven for walkers, anglers, sailors and rowers.

The Damflask Rowing Centre is a facility shared by three clubs:

•    City of Sheffield Rowing Club (CSRC)
•    Sheffield Hallam University Rowing Club (SHURC)
•    Sheffield University Rowing Club (SURC)

Over the last year, membership has increased to about 80, and has put a considerable strain on their resources.  The Club wants to increase membership, and actively encourages the local community to find out more about this great sport, but they cannot continue to grow at this rate with their existing facilities and equipment – they simply don’t have the space for any new boat purchases which are necessary to meet this increased demand, and changing/sanitary facilities are terrible!


Currently the facilities on offer are as follows:
•    One boathouse currently used for boat storage, which has an asbestos type roof.

•    A second boathouse which has limited boat storage (including DFRC-owned coaching launches), basic changing rooms, 1 toilet (no light), 2 showers and a small area used as a combined kitchen and gym.

•    There is no mains electricity; power is provided by a generator (which is so noisy, rowers have to shout to be heard).

•    There is a 2km stretch of water when the reservoir is full which can drop as low as 500 rowable metres in dry years.

•    When water levels are low, there is a walk of up to 100 metres to water across rough ground.

Bradfield School Project: Damflask Rowing Centre

The Department for Children, Schools and Families would like all schools to be sustainable by 2020, and "to prepare young people for a lifetime of sustainable living".

On 19th May, students at Bradfield School were issued with the following challenge:

"Your client, Dam Flask Rowing Centre, needs a new building, as their existing facilities are no longer fit for purpose."