Introducing Team Green

Team Green member on site

Team Green member on site


Our company values include:

1. Sourcing materials, where possible reused, recycled or renewable, and within a 25 mile radius of site.

2. Raising awareness that a building is not necessarily sustainable if the manufacture and transport of sustainable materials and renewable energies create a huge carbon footprint.

3. Creating a low energy use building using renewable sources where possible.

4. Using a local workforce and offering college work placements to allow students to learn about environmental issues from a real project.

5. Ensuring access for all as a priority to encourage disabled members.

Bradfield School Project: Damflask Rowing Centre

The Department for Children, Schools and Families would like all schools to be sustainable by 2020, and "to prepare young people for a lifetime of sustainable living".

On 19th May, students at Bradfield School were issued with the following challenge:

"Your client, Dam Flask Rowing Centre, needs a new building, as their existing facilities are no longer fit for purpose."